Rock the Commons Concert Series and Food Truck Rallies

The Village of Howard in partnership with the Green Bay Food Truck Coalition is hosting the Rock the Commons Concert Series and Food Truck Rallies this summer in the Village Center. The revised 2020 season features four events, including the annual Community Fireworks Show and a special celebration of the Howard Fire Department's 75th Anniversary. Each event in the series features live music from a local big-name band, a variety of food and dessert trucks, cold beer, and other activities for all ages.

​Local businesses can support our community events as sponsors. You can download a sponsorship packet here. We also are seeking family friendly entertainers and vendors to participate. You can download a vendor application here.

​Time            Date             Band                       Other                        

​​​​4-8 p.m.             Aug. 9                 Sonic Circus ​​
4-8 p.m.             Sept. 6                The Presidents              Howard Community Fireworks
3-7 p.m.             Sept. 13              Copper Box​                                                      ​​
1-5 p.m.             Oct. 11                Panic Station                 Howard Fire 75th Anniversary

* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the June 14 event has been canceled.
* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the July 3 event has been postponed to Sept. 6.