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2017 Safety Day

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The Howard Fire Rescue Department provides home fire safety inspections by request to residents in the Village of Howard. This inspection will include installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors where needed at no cost. If you would like, our firefighters will complete a home safety analysis at the same time and advise you of potential fire or fall hazards.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (920) 434-5564.


The Village of Howard Fire Rescue Department is currently accepting applications for Paid-on-Call Firefighters. We pride ourselves in providing professional and high-quality emergency services to our community. Whether you are in the emergency services field already, contemplating a career in public safety, or are just interested in giving back to your community, we would be honored to have you join our team. For more information, visit the Howard Fire Rescue Recruitment Page here


Howard Fire Rescue recently launched an Adopt-A-Hydrant program. In an emergency, every second counts. Fire hydrants that are blocked, concealed, or difficult to access due to snow, ice or other obstructions can impede emergency fire response.

Fire engines carry a limited amount of water, so one of the first tasks upon arriving at a fire is to locate a water supply from the nearest hydrant. Keeping them clear can mean easier access to water and more time doing what really matters – fighting fire.adopt a hydrant Opens in new window

We need your help! By adopting a hydrant, your child can help the firefighters, homes in your neighborhood and the community. In the event of winter weather, you are encouraged to clear a three-foot area around the hydrant and ensure there is a path to the roadway, so the hydrant is visible and easily accessible.

Exercise caution when clearing around the hydrant. Be cautious of vehicle traffic nearby. Do not stand in the street and be careful not to slip and fall out into the roadway.  

How to adopt a hydrant:

To participate in the Adopt-A-Hydrant program, follow the link below and complete the form and hit the submit button.  After registering, a representative from the Howard Fire Rescue will be contacting you.  Each time the hydrant is cleared, you will be entered into a chance to win lunch with a firefighter at the station. Our Crews will be checking in on your hydrant that you have adopted.

You are encouraged to take pictures with your adopted hydrant and share them to Facebook.  Please tag Howard Fire Rescue (@howardfirerescue) in your posts. 

**Note: Fire hydrants are the property of the Village of Howard Water Utility so please do not paint, personalize or change the appearance of the fire hydrant. **