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Village of Howard, WI Village of Howard, Wisconsin

Mike Denor is the Assessor for the Village of Howard. If you have questions regarding your property assessment please contact Mr. Denor via telephone at 920/468-9698 or via email. To view the Village Assessor's company webpage, please click here.

Property Assessments and Tax Breakdown

Assessed values determine the amount of general property tax charged to each property owner, while the information gathered provides a historical record and reference base for municipal operations. Assessment information is also used by real estate professionals, insurance companies, and prospective buyers of Howard properties.

For property tax bills issued in December 2011, the net property tax rate per $1,000 assessed value was $17.27. The breakdown of the property tax rate for each taxing jurisdiction is listed below:

  • Village of Howard: $3.31 (17.7%)

  • Howard-Suamico School District: $9.23 (49.5%)

  • NWTC: $1.54 (8.3%)

  • Brown County: $4.40 (23.6%)

  • State of WI: $0.16 (0.9%)

  • State School Credits: -$1.37

  • Property Assessment Appeals

    Before property assessments are established, the Assessor will hold a series of open book meetings where residents may view their property assessments and discuss any discrepancies with the Assessor.

    After the open book meetings have been held, the property tax roll will be signed and accepted by the Village Clerk. Once the assessment roll affidavit is signed, the values can only be changed by the local Board of Review, an appeal to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or through litigation.

    The Village of Howard Board of Review meets annually, typically in the month of May, to hear property assessment appeals from Village of Howard residents. For more information on the property assessment appeals process, please contact the Village Assessor or click here.
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